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Traveller Caravan Locations/Count - January 2017
(officially published online 25th May 2017)

Twice yearly since 2010 the UK Government (Department for Communities and Local Government) has collated data provided to them from the various local authorities in England regarding site provisions within their districts, to form this Traveller Caravan Count.

The **Interactive Map that can be found above is based on the address data taken from the count, specifically covering the most recent count taken on or around the 12th January 2017 and ONLY covering the location & size of traveller sites operated by local authorities and private registered providers.

It should be noted that the data submitted by local authorities to the Government count is done so on a voluntary basis and the quality of this data quite clearly reflects this fact; Addresses provided are in some cases vague to say the least and duplication of sites exists in the data. I believe one site is listed at least three times which has the potential to skew statistics ...

Every single one of the 331 Traveller sites listed in the Governments January 2017 Traveller Caravan Count has been painstakingly located geographically insofar as we are confident when we say that 99.9% of the site locations are accurate and the enhanced data provided here may even benefit the local authorities themselves.

With that being said, if you come to find the odd one or two geographical locations to be slightly incorrect, don't blame us, blame the quality of the data we had to work with, but if you find any errors on the map, please let us know and we will attempt to rectify any issues and pass the data back upstream.

Please Note: As you may have gleaned from reading the above, this website is independantly run and in no way affiliated with the UK Government, nor any of the local authorities in England who supply the data. We are only using their open-sourced data with the intention of improving its accessibility & quality while at the same time highlighting the issues with it. Only in improving the quality of this data and holding authorities to account can we start to improve outcomes regarding the provision of sites for Traveller Communities ...

** If you are having any trouble with the map on this page, an Open Street Map version is viewable by clicking here.